Statistics of Tartu Maraton – nearly 5500 people participated


Photo of 47th Tartu Maraton. Author: Kiur Kaasik.

Despite the difficult situation, the Estonian Government gave a special permission to organize the main day of Tartu Maraton on February 21st. For the first time in history there was also a virtual option. Fortunately, the winter was snowy for a long time – children and adults actively participated virtually from 8th February to 14th of March.

Therefore, it’s appropriate to talk separately about real and virtual events and the number of participants.

The main day of Tartu Maraton

• On February 21st 2512 skiers participated in the 63km distance and 968 skiers in the 31km distance. It makes a total of 3480 people (3424 participants finished the race) on the main race day.

• More than three weeks have passed since Tartu Maraton and the chief organizer Indrek Kelk and the head of the medical service Andras Laugamets can confirm that coronavirus did not spread on the event. Eleven participants gave a positive corona test after the marathon, but did not cause a wider spread of the virus.

Virtual Tartu Maraton

Virtual Tartu Maraton could be completed by skiing, running / hiking, cycling and roller skating. However, about 90% of the participants chose to ski.

• 165 people registered for the 63 km distance of the virtual event, 270 for 31 km and 343 sports fans chose 16 km. This makes a total of 778 people (701 participants got the virtual result).

• 1300 children were registered to the virtual event, of whom 1225 also submitted results.

If we add up the numbers of the main day and the virtual event, we get a total of 5406 participants in the 47th Tartu Maraton.

The ski marathon also opened the season of Tartu Marathon Cube. The next event in the series is the 39th Tartu Forest Marathon, which will start with a virtual run on April  1st.