Tartu Marathon: the main event will take place, others are cancelled


Photo from Tartu Marathon 2019. Author: Kiur Kaasik.

Last week, the Estonian Government gave a special permission to organize the main day of Tartu Marathon on February 21st. Unfortunately, Open Track, Relay Marathon, 16km and children's races didn’t get a special permit and will be cancelled. Indrek Kelk, the Race Director of Tartu Marathon explains the changes in connection with the event.

What will change on the main day, 21st of February?

In cooperation with the Estonian Health Board we have a plan that should make the main day of Tartu Maraton as safe as it can be for the participants, organizers and volunteers. Of course, this also means multiple restrictions.

  • We recommend that participants come to the event by personal transport with only your family members. An official marathon bus allows 50% of the bus occupancy at a time and it is mandatory to wear a disposable mask provided by the bus driver.
  • Organizers wear a mask or visor. Participants are also obliged to wear a mask: before the start (except for the warm-up and in the start corridor) and after the finish. In the finish area you can get a mask from the organizer.
  • There will be a maximum of 500 participants in one start group. Starts are given 15 minutes apart. More detailed information about starting times and start groups will be sent to all participants.
  • Indoors cannot be used (including showers and sauna), but in the finish area it is possible to change clothes in a separate area.
  • Food and drinks are in the cups at the service points, food packages are given to the participants in the finish area.
  • Spectators are not allowed to come to the event.

Are participants from foreign countries allowed to come?

We recommend foreigners to participate virtually. However, if there are people who want to come, then the restrictions on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be taken into account and the travel period must be planned in a way that it is possible to follow the requirements.

What about those who planned to come on February 14th?

We will contact all the participants who have planned to come on that day. One alternative is to re-register for the virtual ride and do it on February 14th on the Tartu Marathon track. The track will be in a condition as if it would be on the original day. You can participate in the virtual race from February 8th to March 14th.

What about children's races?

There will be no children's races in Tartu Tähtvere Sports Park on February 20th, but children can participate in the virtual race at a convenient time and place from February 8th to March 14th.

“It is very disappointing that the Open Track, the Relay Marathon, 16km and children's races cannot be organized this year! On the other hand, we plan to make the main day of Tartu Marathon as pleasant and safe experience as possible in today's circumstances, ”says Kelk.