Alo Jakin won the 23. Tartu MTB Marathon


On the photo: Alo Jakin on the finish line. Author: Ervin Kaljola/Ardo Säks.

Former professional cyclist Alo Jakin won the 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon today (89 km, time 02:33:56). Second place went to Maris Bogdanovics (LAT) (+00.01) and third place to Peeter Tarvis (+00.01).

The event was held in South-Estonia. The tracks of 89, 40 and 21 km run between Estonian winter capital Otepää and a small town Elva.

Important events in the leaders' race started from Puka service point (36.5 km), when seven men were in the front: Maris Bogdanovics (LAT), Madis Mihkels, Alo Jakin, Gleb Karpenko, Andzs Flaksis (LAT), Peeter Tarvis and Gert Kivistik.

After the Palu service point (66.3 km), Gleb Karpenko and Madis Mihkels were one minute and 10 seconds behind the main group, but Martin Loo joined the leaders.

In the finish line of 23. Tartu MTB Marathon, the best men out of five was the former pro cyclist Alo Jakin. Second place went to Latvian Maris Bogdanovics and third place went to the Tartu MTB Marathon 2015 winner Peeter Tarvis.

“The ride was really difficult from the beginning, especially the middle part of the track and the muddy places. I tried to be ahead and luckily for me the track was fast and the victory came,” said today's fastest man.

Fastest women was Janelle Uibokand. It was her third won at the Tartu MTB Marathon. Uibokand was more than seven minutes ahead of Greete Steinburg (+7.14) and Ernesta Tubyte (LTU) (+7.15).

"The ride was difficult because I could only ride the first 10 km with a bigger group. Then I continued riding in a company that was about ten people and only after the Palu service point I got into a larger group again,” explained Uibokand.

The results of the 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon can be found HERE.

According to preliminary data, 3210 riders registered for today's three distances (89, 40 and 21 km).

The next event of the season is the 9th Tartu City Marathon, which takes place on October the 3rd.