Less than a month until Tartu City Marathon


Photo by: Adam Illingworth

Tartu City Marathon will be held on the first weekend of October with the distances of 42, 21 and 10 kilometers. A night before the main races, Friday Night Run takes place starting from Tartu Town Hall Square.

„Many running events have been cancelled or take place virtually and we really want to make Tartu City Marathon happen, so that people can run together on the streets of Tartu. Of course, in today’s situation this means, that it’s not possible to organize the event according to the usual format and it’s necessary to make several changes,“ said Indrek Kelk, the chief organizer of Tartu City Marathon.

Kelk added that the main changes are made in the program to ensure that there would be as few people as possible in the same place at the same time. “We have separated mass-start times. We also make sure that people have access to hand sanitizers, hand washing facilities and that organizers, who are in contact with a lot of people, have protective equipment,“ told Kelk.

Those, who don’t want to or can’t participate on the original race day, can take part virtually. Distances to choose from are exactly the same – 42, 21 and 10 km. Virtual run has to be done and uploaded between September 24th and October 3rd. Friday Night Run doesn’t have a virtual option.

Also there are several major changes planned in the organization of Tartu City Marathon children's event. "We will definitely share new information through our channels as soon as possible," told Kelk.