Additional rules for elite competitors!


It is prohibited to do warm up on the race course before the start!

Attach starting bib on the upper part of the back (without folding) NB! Make sure it won’t be covered by hair or clothing!

Attach hip numbers on the sides of your hips (without folding).

Attach timing chip around your leg above the skate, not around your skate!

When traffic is going both ways on the course it is prohibited to cross center line of the road (except when turning back).

Warning = yellow card; 2 warnings = red card; In case of severe violation of rules judges are allowed to give straight red card! Red card = DQ!

When entering group, it is not allowed to disturb members of the group. When member of the group has his/her hands on the hips/back of another competitor, than it’s not allowed to go between them!

It is prohibited to push or drag other male or female competitors on the race course (except when on a descent with a group – putting hands on hips/back to level the speed of members of the group)!

It is prohibited for a female competitor to draft behind the same person/teammate during the race for kilometers.

Fair play!!!

During the last 100 metres it is prohibited to change trajectory if it disturbs or blocks other competitors!

It is also prohibited to push other competitors out of the draft on the finish line or before the intermediate sprint!

If not present during the awarding ceremony, the competitor will lose its right for the prizes! Prize moneys will be transferred after the race!