Over one thousand participants in Tartu Maraton’s jubilee hike


Photo: Adam Illingworth

While the first Tartu Maraton hike from Tartu to Kääriku took place 60 years ago, this year it was again hiking and the finish was again at Kääriku. But due to lack of snow, this time hike was held on foot.

1108 people registered for the hike and 1024 actually took part of it. There was also one participant (Jüri Karelson) in the hike from the first Tartu Maraton. A total of 18 countries were represented, discovering the beautiful South Estonia.

The jubilee hike, which started at Tehvandi’s Stadium in Otepää and finished at Kääriku Sports Center, had two distances: 27 and 17 km. Most of the course was in forests, gravel roads and meadows with a little bit of asphalt and boardwalk sections also there. The course took the participants to one of the most famous places of the ski marathon’s track, Harimäe, as well as to the Kekkonen’s hiking track and to picturesque Pühajärve.

The jubilee hike is not part of the Tartu Marathon Cube’s series, so this year's Cube’s season starts with the 38th Tartu Forest Marathon on May 10th.