Tartu Relay Marathon and Tartu Maraton Open Track races will take place on the original course


Tartu Maraton's track on the 5th of February. Author: Illimar Born

Tartu Maraton’s organizers decided today that the pre-events of the 45th Tartu Maraton, Tartu Relay Marathon and Open Track races, will be held on the original 63 km track from Otepää to Elva.

The main question today was whether the pre-events will be skied on a shortened track from Otepää to Palu (47 km) or is it possible to ski on the original Otepää-Elva course (63 km).

„Last few days have given us extra snow, which means that the conditions have changed quite drastically. Looking at the course now and this weeks’ weather forecasts, it would be a sin not to finish the pre-events in Elva,“ Race Director Indrek Kelk said.

What is the current situation concerning the 45th Tartu Maraton’s main races? „There is quite a big possibility that the main races will be held on the original 63 km track. Still, the final decisions will be made at the beginning of next week,“ Kelk said.

6th Tartu Relay Marathon and Open Track races (63 km, 31 km, 16 km) take place on the 11th of February and the main races (63 and 31 km) will be held on the 18th of February. More info and registration HERE.