Sunny beginning of the autumn brought nearly 3000 children together to the Tähtvere Sports Park


Photo: Kaimo Puniste

According to the preliminary data, 2908 children took part in the children's events of the 20th Tartu MTB Marathon, which were also as the opening events of the European Week of Sport.

In TILLUraces, meant for children up to 8 years old and with 400, 700 meters and 1 kilometer long courses, 2134 children participated. In MINImarathon with 5,1 kilometer long track, 774 young bikers took part in. The courses ran in the Tähtvere Sports Park and dendropark.

In addition to the races there were also the EXPO of sports, Lotte and the Ahhaa Science Centre entertaining the children. Among the other things in the programme there could be seen some of the famous athletes such as Gerd Kanter and Ott Kiivikas.

The project manager of the Club Tartu Maraton was pleased with the amount of participants of this year's children's events. "The number of children was certainly worthy of the jubilee of the Tartu MTB Marathon and for the opening of the European Week of Sports. Hopefully we'll manage to hold those results in the upcoming events," he said. "Tomorrow all sports lovers are waited to take part in the main races of the 20th Tartu MTB Marathon," he added.

The next and the final stage of the children’s sports series takes place on October 7th when the 6th Tartu City Marathon's events take place. Children will complete the series if they have finished at least four events out of six during the season. In addition, Tartu Maraton's skiing, Tartu Jooksumaraton's running, Tartu Rattaralli's cycling and Tartu Rulluisumaraton's inline skating events are included in the series.

The main events of the 20th Tartu MTB Marathon will get started tomorrow, on 24th of September. Nearly 5000 cyclists are expected to take part in the three distances (89, 40 and 21 kilometers) of the MTB Marathon.