Tartu Maraton celebrates its 55th anniversary with a unique marathon


Next year, 16th January marks the 55th anniversary of Tartu Maraton. To celebrate the first Tartu Maraton, a unique marathon called Tartu-Kääriku Ski Tour will take place which will be skied on the original first Tartu Maraton course.

On the 16th of January 1960 start for the first Tartu Maraton was given in Tartu on the frozen river of Emajõgi. A 55km course ran along river, lakes and roads and finished in Kääriku which is close to Otepää.

„The aim of the 55th anniversary hike is not to compete against each other but to celebrate and honour the participants and the organizers of the first Tartu Maraton,” said director of Club Tartu Maraton, Indrek Kelk.

As a lot has changed during the 55 years, keeping the track 100% original as it was in the first Tartu Maraton is actually impossible. Foremost, skiing along highways and paved roads is impossible nowdays. But wherever possible the course will ran along the same track as it did 55 years ago.

“It will certainly be a challenge. We can’t demand that the participants should use authentic equipment but we would recommend for everyone to keep the retro spirit and use for example – wooden skis and retro clothing,” added Kelk.

Registration for the Tartu-Kääriku Ski Tour is now open but the number of places is limited. Only a total of 214 skiers can register for the race. That is exactly the number of skiers who started for the first Tartu Maraton 55 years ago.

Tartu Maraton 55th anniversary events take place alongside the FIS World Cup event in Otepää and after the individual sprint races on the 17th of January, another anniversary event will take place in Tehvandi ski stadium – a 6,5 km retro ski race.

This is free for all and the only requirement for participation is that you should have an historical ski equipment.

More info about the Tartu-Kääriku Ski Tour and other Tartu Maraton 55th anniversary events here: https://tartumaraton.ee/en/events/suusamaraton/43/tartukaarikuhike/