Race info

Tartu Relay Marathon participants’ information! 

Before the start 

  • Start numbers` handout on 6.02.-7.02.15 from Club Tartu Maraton Office at 9:00-19:00. On the race day, from the ticket office at the entrance to the stadium of the Tehvandi Sport Centre. 
  • Parking at parking lots of the Tehvandi Sport Centre (look at the start area map). 
  • It is possible to change clothes at the stadium waxing house rooms. 
  • Before the start it is possible to be in warm at the stadium house café or in the stadium house corridors. 
  • Waxing of skis (grip wax only) is possible in the stadium waxing house at the TOKO team box at 7:30-9:30 on the race morning. 
  • The start gate will be open from 8:45. The first part of the start area is reserved for Tartu Relay Marathon competitors (start places will be marked by numbers), the rest of the start corridor will be used by 43rd Tartu Maraton Open Track 63 km participants. 
  • The start time of the competition is at 9:00, there will be no individual start time for late arrivals. 

On the course and at the exchange area.

  • Start peacefully, the distance is long. 
  • The classic tracks are set on the right; the left part of the course is for free technique users. Both free and classic techniques are permitted 
  • Be especially careful when race course crosses the road. Before crossing the road, make sure that it is safe. 
  • Use organizers traffic map with driving suggestions to reach exchange areas.
  • At the exchange areas, park the car only to the assigned parking lots. 
  • There are buses for abandoned skiers at the exchange areas, where it is possible to change the clothes. 
  • At Matu and Palu, the exchange areas are situated on the right side of the service station, at Kuutse, on the left. 
  • The start and finish of the exchange area are marked either with red line or pine brunches. The exchange takes place by handing over the timing chip within the limits of the exchange area. Before leaving the exchange area, the timing chip must be correctly attached to the new competitor’s leg. There are organizers controlling the exchanges and the violators shall be disqualified. 
  • While waiting your exchange, you can have hot tea from service station. 

At the finish 

  • The parking at the finish is organised in the parking lots by the Hellenurme road, a 500m walk from the finish Area.
  • All of the team members can have a hot drink and a warm cup of soup at the feeding area. 
  • The sauna and washing possibilities at the finish area facility are limited and cost 2€. 
  • The clothing room is at the first floor of the finish area facility.
  • The 3 best teams will be awarded at 14:00 on the finish area podium. 
  • Diplomas are available at the Race Office, which is located on the first floor of the finish facility. 

Good luck for the competition! 

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