Useful info for virtual participants

In addition to the main race on 22nd of August, there will be a virtual race according to separate regulations

Virtual race is a remote event. 15. Tartu Rulluisumaraton virtual race will take place from August 13th until August 29th 2021. Choose your day of preference in this time period and participate in the race at your own location!

The virtual race has three distances:  42,2 km, 21,1 km ja 10 km.

  • Choose a suitable and safe track for your skate ride.
  • Regular traffic is not closed! Follow all traffic regulations and ride safely!
  • Complete the distance in one go. Use your own device (sport watch, smartphone) with appropriate software to keep a record of your race. 
  • The virtual race is not a competition. Choose a comfortable speed.

Registration takes place on our website until August 29th 2021 at 23:59. Re-registration (incl change of distance) is possible in the self-service environment until the same time. 

Please remember: 

  • Make sure your sports watch/smart device is fully charged before the race.
  • Make sure GPS coordinates save function is turned on. Set the frequency of coordinates recording as frequent as possible (1 sec would be ideal).
  • NB! The AUTOSTOP function of the sports watches must be switched off (timing stopped if you stand for more than 2 seconds).
  • If you also want to save the warm-up, be sure to save the race distance in a new file and only upload the race file into the results.
  • Make sure your device shows your completed distance at least as long as the distance you signed up for.

To get an official result, send your log file (suitable files: .fit, .gpx, .tcx, .pwx) next to your name in the participant list until August 29th (or use the manual result addition and add a screenshot of your result - date, distance, finish time).

Instructions for log file export from popular applications:
GarminPolarSuunto (android), Suunto (iOS), StravaFitbitApple Watch.

Finishers of the virtual race will get a medal and an electronic diploma of 15. Tartu Rulluisumaraton. Shipping of the medal is included in the entry fee. Make sure you have your correct postal address in our system. Diploma can be downloaded from our website after result upload.

Participation in the virtual race will count as a participation in the Tartu Maraton Cube 2021 series. Also the participation will count towards multiple participation awards (silver and gold pins). Pins will not be sent by post.

The results of the virtual race are not taken into consideration in assigning the start numbers for the future races of Tartu Rulluisumaraton.