Childrens' events

Sporting events for children all year round!

Tartu Mini Complex Event is a perfect opportunity for children to take part in different sporting events throughout the whole year.

The complex event for children was first organized in 2007. The aim of the events' series is to promote physical activity among children and to provide them a participation experience in a public event. We believe that taking part in the event and the gained positive emotions are more important than victory.

From 2015 the series has new name: Tartu Maraton Mini Cube. Children can choose from six events to participate in at least four. All children who complete the Tartu Maraton Minu Cube (i.e. have taken part in at least four events), will be awarded at the end of the season in the season ending event. 

Children of any age and regardless of their athletic preparation are welcome to take part in the Tartu Maraton Mini Cube events. All events are free of charge and no winners are declared. Registration is mandatory and is opened online 5 days before the event. Registration is also possible on the day of the event. All children receive a number 1 bib. After finishing the race, everyone gets a medal, diploma and a small bag with goods. List of participants is later published on Klubi Tartu Maraton website.

Events included in the Tartu Maraton Mini Cube series:

  • Tartu Maraton's TILLUrace and MINImarathon (usually, the 3rd Saturday in February )
  • Tartu Jooksumaraton's TILLUrace and MINImarathon (usually, the 2nd Saturday in May)
  • Tartu Rattaralli's TILLUrace and MINIralli (usually, the last Saturday in May)
  • Tartu Rulluisumaraton's TILLUrace and MINImarathon (usually, the 3rd Saturday in August)
  • Tartu Rattamaratoni TILLUrace and MINImarathon (usually, the 3rd Saturday in September)
  • Tartu Linnamaraton's TILLUrace and MINImarathon (usually, the 1st Saturday in October)

Events not included in the series: 

  • Tartu Jooksumaraton's Otepää and Elva children's races (usually, the 2nd Sunday in May)
  • World Snow Day