1. The 4th Tartu City Marathon (hereinafter: Race) is organized by Club Tartu Maraton, in co-operation with its sponsors and supporters. Races are organized according to the Race Rules of the Estonian Athletic Association, current Race Regulations and the decisions made by the Council and Board of Club Tartu Maraton. Race is the final stage of Tartu Maraton Cube 2015.
  2. The 4th Tartu City Marathon 42km, 21km, 10km (4th Tartu Student Marathon included) take place on Saturday, October 3rd 2015.
    • 42,2km (hereinafter 42km) mass-start will be given at 9.00 at the centre of Tartu, Vabaduse Avenue. Finish is at the Town Hall Square.
    • 21,1km (hereinafter 21km) mass-start will be given at 10.30 at the centre of Tartu, Vabaduse Avenue. Finish is at the Town Hall Square.
    • 10km run and Nordic Walking mass-start will be given at 13.30 in the centre of Tartu, Vabaduse Avenue. Finish is at the Town Hall Square.
    • For safety reasons it is not allowed to run with walking poles! The results are published separately for 10km run and Nordic Walking.
    • For the purpose of Tartu Maraton Cube results calculation, the results/times of the Nordic Walking are included in the results of the running distance of the same length.
  3. There are 8 service points (TP) and 2 drink stations on the 42 km course; 4 TP and 2 drink stations on 21km course and 2 TP on the 10km course.
  4. Time limits for passing 42km is 7 hours, for 21km 3,5 hours and for 10km 2,5 hours. Finish for all the distances are closed at 16.00.
    Service point distance 42 km 21 km 10 km
    1. Ropkamõisa TP 5 km 9:50 11:20  -
    2. 1182 Annelinna TP 10 km 10:40 12:10  -
    3. Rõõmu tee TP 15 km 11:30  -  -
    4. Lohkva tee TP 20 km 12:20  -  -
    5. Ihaste tee TP 25 km 13:10  -  -
    6. 1182 Annelinna TP  30 / 4,5 km 14:00  - 14:30
    1A. Atlantis drink station   32,6 / 12,2 km
    7. Mizuno Supilinna TP  35 / 15 / 7,5 km 14:50 12:50 15:00
    2A. RC Cola Piiri drink station 38,2 / 17,8 km
    8. Suusahullud Toomemäe TP  40 / 19 km 15:40 13:40  -
    Finish 42,2 / 21,1 / 10 km 16:00 14:00 16:00
    Participants, who do not pass the TP in the control time, are disqualified and transported to the finish by bus.
  5. The race course runs mainly thorough and nearby Tartu city. The course is marked. Using outside help for moving on and running with walking poles leads to disqualification. The disqualification also bases on the video recordings of the race that will be looked through before publishing the official results.
  6. Waste areas for keeping our environment clean. There will be marked waste areas on the race course before and after every service point. Please dispose your waste (drink bottles, gel tubes etc.) next to the course, do not throw it to the forest or road ditch, where it is hard to find for cleaning crew after the event. It is prohibited to litter outside of waste areas! Organizers and commissaries have the right to disqualify or fine the violators. Disqualification can also be based on photo or video recordings.
  7. Race roads are partly open to the traffic. Participants must follow the traffic signs and regulations from the traffic regulators. For safety reasons moving on the course by bicycle is forbidden (except for organizers). Cyclists must consider the regulations given by organizers and traffic regulators.
  8. Everyone will participate at their own responsibility! It is advisable to have an accident and/or health insurance. Organizers are not liable for participants’ health problems or damaged/lost personal belongings.
  9. Age limits. Age limit for 42km and 21km: Participation is allowed to all athletes born in 2000 and earlier. Age limit for 10km: Participation is allowed to all athletes born in 2003 and earlier. In special occasions younger athletes are allowed to participate with a parent’s permission and a parent has to participate also.
    Age limit for the Students' Marathon: Participation is allowed to all college/university students or college/university workers born in 1996 and earlier. During the registration the name of the college/university must be stated.
    Age groups of 42km:

    Women: N17 (birth years 2000-98), N20 (97-95), N21 (94-81), N35 (80-76), N40 (75-71), N45 (70-66), N50 (65- 61), N55 (60-56), N60 (55-51), N65 (50-46), N70 (45 and earlier);

    Men: M17 (2000-98), M20 (97-95), M21 (94-81), M35 (80-76), M40 (75-71), M45 (70-66), M50 (65-61), M55 (60-56), M60 (55-51), M65 (50-46), M70 (45-41), M75 (40-36), M80 (35 and earlier).

  10. Start groups.
    Start group 42km start numbers
    21km start numbers
    10km start numbers
    Students' start numbers
    10 001- ...
    Elite wave up to 3 h up to 1h20min up to 40min up to 40min 3 h - 3h45min 1h20min-1h30min 40min - 45min 40min - 45min 3h45min-4h20min 1h30min-1h40min 45min - 56min 45min - 56min 4h20min-5h 1h40min-2h over 57 min over 57 min 5h-6h 2h-3h  -  - 6h-7h 3h-4h  -  -
    nordic walking  -  - 5001-...  -
    When enrolling before 25.09.2015 the results of 2014 Tartu City Marathon and Tartu City Run will be taken into consideration in disposing the start numbers. On 42km and 21km distances there are start numbers with name, if registration is made before 25.09.2015. 
    Everybody can choose the start group by their preliminary finish time.
    • The start list with start numbers will be issued on the website on the 30.09.2015 at the latest.
  11. Registration takes place:
    • on Club Tartu Maraton’s website: until 02.10.2015 17.00;
    • in the office of Club Tartu Maraton (Laulupeo Ave 25, Tartu, information: ph.: +372 7421 644+372 7421 644, fax: +372 7422 536) until the 01.10.2015 17.00;
    • in the race centre in the city centre of Tartu (Town Hall Square) on 02.10.2015 at 12:00-17:00
  12. Entry fees.
    Date 42 km 21 km 10 km run / nordic walking / students
    up to 04.09.2015 30 € 20 € 15 €
    05.09.-25.09.2015 40 € 30 € 20 €
    26.09.-02.10.2015 60 € 40€ 30 €
    NB! No registration on the day of the race! There is 50% discount for 18 years and younger. In case of Tartu City Run, each participant must specify during registration the participation either in running or Nordic Walking!
  13.  In case the right of participation is waived, the participation fee is not refunded, but by submitting a doctor's note by 02.10.15 at 17.00, the registration to the 2016 same race is available at a 50% discount.
  14. Cancellation of the Races
    14.1. If the Races are cancelled due to a force majeure the participation fees shall be refunded in accordance with the current regulations and rights of the organiser which state that the organiser may deduce the sum used for already made arrangements.

    14.2. In case of cancelling the Races due to force majeure with an announcement of the cancellation 72 hours beforehand, 50% of participation fees will be transferred to next year’s Races’ registration fee.
    14.2.1. The participant may transfer the above mentioned 50% of the participation fee paid by a private person to any other sport event organised by Club Tartu Maraton to be used to cover its participation fee. 
    14.2.2. If the participant does not wish to use the transfer possibilities mentioned under p.14.2.1. and wishes to be refunded the 50% of the participation fee, he/she is obliged to present Club Tartu Maraton with a proper application in the course of 1 month after the cancelled event’s date. This must be done by post (Laulupeo pst. 25, 51007 Tartu) or by e-mail (
    14.2.3. All private persons whose 50% of participation fees will be transferred to the next year’s Races are obliged to confirm their registration and pay the rest of the participation fee by the end of the first deadline of registration. After the named date no more payments or complaints will be accepted or satisfied.
    14.2.4. Participation fees paid by legal entities (enterprises, clubs, etc.) are only to be transferred to next year’s same Races fees. This means that they cannot be refunded or used to cover fees of other events of that year. People who were registered to the Races by a given enterprise will not be automatically transferred. For the following year 50% of fees paid will be transferred to next year’s event for the given legal entity. The representative of the enterprise is obliged to renew the registration list by the end of the first deadline of registration for the following year’s Races. After this deadline it is no longer possible to use last year’s participation fees and no later complaints will be satisfied.
    14.3. A force majeure is considered to be any unpredictable event that the organiser has no control over. The organiser cannot change its time or way of occurrence, control it or stop it from happening (e.g. war, rebellion, strike, fire, flood, earthquake, (snow)storm, downpour or any other act of nature, etc.)
    14.4. If the event is cancelled due to a force majeure no expenditures made to third parties by the participants are to be compensated by the organisers of the Races. We advise participants from abroad to purchase a travel insurance that would cover the expenses caused by the cancellation of the event.
    14.5. If the parties cannot find an agreement the discords shall be solved in accordance with the Estonian laws in the Tartu county court.
  15. Re-registration (changing of the distance, number or name) takes place in the secretariat or by a written application to until 02.10.2015 at 17.00. There will be no re-registration on the day of the race.
    Re-registration in self-service environment is up to 25.09.15 free of charge, only difference of the participation fees of distances (swapping the shorter distance for the longer distance) must be paid; later all re-registrations will cost 10 € + difference of the participation fees of distances.
    Starting under wrong name leads to disqualification! In case of a lost / left behind start number, a 10€ replacement fee must be paid.
  16. Handout of start-numbers takes place in the race centre at the Town Hall Square on 02.10.15 at 12:00-19:00 and on 03.10.15 starting at 7.00.
  17. Start fee includes prepared & marked course; starting package; time keeping in case of correctly attached chip; result in the results list (on short race in alphabetical order); service and catering in all TP-s and finish; awarding; diploma with name, time and placing; medal; luggage storage; medical service, if necessary; transport for abandoned athletes.
  18. Time keeping chip is attached to the backside of your start bib. It is not allowed to brake or fold the start bib as it might damage the chip. Start number has to be attached to the chest and it has to be visible throughout the whole distance. Transformation of the size and form of the start number is not allowed. You do not need to return the chip!
  19. Unofficial results will be constantly updated on the information board in the finish area; on the website and will be also issued on Monday 05.10.15 in newspaper Postimees.The official results will be issued on the 08.10.2015 by 17.00 on the website
  20. Medical aid is organized by Estonian Disaster Relief Team in collaboration with Tartu Ambulance. There are ambulances in the start, in the finish and in all TP-s. If you see someone in trouble on the course, please try to help and let the organizers know immediately or call 112!
  21. Things lost and found have to be given to TP chiefs, who transport the things to the secretariat. Owners can receive their lost things from Club Tartu Maraton during one month after the race.
  22. Awards ceremony takes place in the finish area at 14.30.
    • 6 first men and 6 first women will be awarded in 42 / 21 / 10 km  (including the Tartu Student Marathon) running distances.
    • There will be special prizes, raffle prizes and cups, for 42 km distance there age-group winners will also be awarded. On the 10 km distances, age group winners will not be determined.
    • The top three teams in the clubs' / companies' standings are awarded with cups and free entries to the next event of the Tartu Maraton Cube.
    • Awarding of the best clubs and companies of the Tartu City Marathon and the best Universities of the Tartu Student Run takes place on October 3rd in Club Atlantis (Narva Str 2, Tartu) at 22:00.
    • The cash prizes will be transferred to the winners` bank accounts after the official result lists have been validated and the results of any doping tests have been received.
    • The income tax (20% of the award sum) is withheld from all of the cash awards, in accordance with the Estonian legislation.
    • An athlete who is not present in the official award ceremony loses one’s right to an award.
  23. By enrolling to the Race, the participant confirms the willingness to abide by the current race regulations and gives the permission to use the shot photo and video material for the promotion of the event.
  24. The participants of the Tartu City Marathon  respect clean and honest sports. The anti-doping rules of the IAAF are fully implemented in the event, and due to this, the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency ( and other anti-doping organisations have got the right to carry out doping tests among all of the participants.
  25. The protests concerning the race results and breaking the Race Regulations etc must be brought up to Jury as follows: concerning first 100 finishers during 1 hour after first 100 participants have finished; concerning all the others, up to closing time of the finish.
    The cost of the protest (except of these concerning results) is 40 €, which will be refunded only when the protest has been met. All written protests concerning the organization will be solved by the Jury.
    The protests concerning unofficial results can be brought up until 06.10.2015 at 17.00 to the Race Office at Club Tartu Maraton.
  26. Other protest cases, not stated in current Rules, will be solved by the Organizing Committee.

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