Logistics problems

1) How to travel to the race?

The start of three Club Tartu Maraton’s events is given at the stadium of the Tehvandi Sports Centre in Otepää, and they finish near Elva, at the Tartumaa Sports Centre. There are three main options for reaching the race:

  • Paid transport organised by the Organizer. The special bus tickets can be purchased at the transport desk in the race centre. You can take the bus to the start locations from the parking lot in front of Theatre Vanemuine in Tartu, and back to Tartu, in front of the Aura Centre, after the finish.  The bus time tables and ticket prices shall be disclosed in the transport information of the race before the race.
    NB! Bicycles are not permitted on to the bus! Bicycle transport is carried out with cars from the bus stop!
  • Taking a car to the start location, and after the race with the organizer's buses from the finish back to the start location. Buses start their service to Otepää, Arula and Tartu from 14:00, after that according to capacity. Bus rides from the finish to the start location parking lots are also available for a fee.
  • To the finish location parking lot in the morning, and to the start location on a bus.

The departure times of the buses departing from the finish location parking lots in the morning shall be disclosed in the transport information of the race prior to the race. Parking at the finish location and the bus tickets to the start location are available for a fee. 

2) Will there be enough buses for the participants?

So that the Organizer would have as precise preliminary information as possible regarding the number of people on the buses, we recommend that you purchase your ticket from pre-sale. Please keep in mind that a place on the special buses to the start location is only guaranteed for tickets purchased from pre-sale.

The pre-sale of bus tickets is performed at the race headquarters and Piletilevi.

3) Will my bicycle be safely transported to its destination?

We use transport cars for the transportation of bicycles. The bikes of many bus fulls of participants fit on to a single car. In Otepää, just walk to the car, and wait for the organizer's staff to unload your bicycle. 

4) Will the bus make stops elsewhere in the city?

The buses make special stops only during the ski marathon. Then the collecting buses make a round in the city, and bring the participants to the parking lot of Theatre Vanemuise, where the buses to the start locations depart. The stops of the collecting buses shall be posted on the webpage prior to the event.

5) Will the buses from the finish location also depart for the start location of the short distance?

Yes, they will. The buses from the finish location to Arula depart according to capacity.

6) How should I act, if I am forced to abandon the race?

If possible, please notify a service point chief or a race medic of your abandonment. As re-usable timing chips are used at the ski marathon and the inline skating marathon, then we ask you to also return your chips, which is exchanged for a corresponding receipt. If you abandon the race at another location and leave the race location with the help of your friends/relatives, please make sure that your timing chip reaches the organizer as soon as possible. To the secretariat on the race day, later to the office of Club Tartu Maraton.

7) How can I access the track for spectating?

We recommend that all of the spectators acquaint themselves with the traffic schematics published before the race. In places, where the road crosses the race track, halts may happen. There are separate parking lots for the spectators’ cars at the service points.