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Over 1300 children took part in the 46th Tartu Maraton’s children’s races


Photo: Elen Kontkar

According to the preliminary data, a total of 1310 children took part in the 46th Tartu Maraton’s children’s events held in Tartu on Saturday, 16th of February - 989 children participated in the TILLUraces and 321 children skied the MINImarathon.

According to Oliver Kivimäe, the Chief Coordinator of children's events, sunny weather definitely brought a little change after a long and dark winter. “Today’s weather was quite warm and therefore there was a lot of melted snow, but it seemed that children did not mind. Everyone was rather smiling and feeling good, which also made skiing more fun,” said Kivimäe.

The next stage of Tartu Maraton Cube and Tartu Maraton Mini Cube sports series takes place at the beginning of May with the 37th Tartu Forest Marathon.

The main races of the 46th Tartu Maraton will be held tomorrow, on the 17th of February when 63 and 31 km distances will be skied between Otepää and Elva. 

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