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Close to 1700 skaters took part in the 10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon


10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon. Photo: Tarmo Haud. 

The biggest inline skating event in the Baltics and Scandinavia Tartu Inline Skating Marathon, that culminated yesterday, celebrated its first big jubilee.

1092 skaters registered to three distances. 61 riders competed in the 6th Inline Skating Sprint, 428 little skaters participated in the children races. One week before the main events took place the training for all the hobbyists, where 87 riders participated. In total, 1668 smaller and bigger sportsmen and women took part in the 10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon events.

The race director Indrek Kelk said that the Tartu Inline Skating Marathon has the smallest number of participants, but it has a really special and enjoyable aura. “During the whole lifetime of inline skating marathons, the weather has always been great – ten years and no rain at all,” added Kelk.

Marten Liiv won the 10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon, who beat Kaspar Kaljuvee, who got the second place and Viktoras Cesulis, who beat competitors in the group finish, got the third place. In the women’s class. Belorussian Marina Zuyeva won the first place for the second year in a row. Saskia Alusalu won the second place and Diana Kaareste the third place.

In total, 507 skaters finished on the 42 km distance, 264 riders on the 21km distance and 156 on the 10km distance. The competitors were from Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finalnd, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Venezuela.

Yesterday 428 little sportsmen and women took part in the children’s races – TILLUrace and MINImarathon. The 6th Tartu Inline Skating Sprint was also happening on Saturday. Venezuelan Sebastian Tigreros won the sprint competition, the second place went to Latvian Reinis Znotins and the third place went to this year’s Inline Skating Marathon’s winner Marten Liiv. Enel Kõrva won the first place in the women’s class.

Tartu Marathon Cube leaders after Inline Skating Marathon are Reeda Tuula (2683 points) in the women’s class and Margus Pedaste (2847 points) in the men’s class.

The next Cube’s event is the 19th Tartu Rattamarathon, that is going to take place on the 18th of September. It is possible to choose between 89  km and 40 km long distances.

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