Gert Kivistik won the 24th Tartu MTB Marathon for the first time


Winner of 24th Tartu MTB Marathon – Gert Kivistik. Author: Adam Illingworth.

Gert Kivistik (89 km, time 02:34:24) was the fastest at the finish line of 24th Tartu MTB Marathon, Mihkel Räim was the second one (+00.01) and Gert Jõeäär got the third place (+00.41).

This year's Tartu MTB Marathon took place in sunny weather and on a dry and fast track. For a long time, a group of nine, including five Estonians and four Latvians, rode together. A big change took place at the Palu service point (66.3 km from the start), where three man got away: Gert Jõeäär, Gert Kivistik and Mihkel Räim.

In the final kilometers, Gert Jõeäär was left behind. Gert Kivistik and Mihkel Räim did a finish sprint and the fastest one was Gert Kivistik. The second place went to Mihkel Räim and Gert Jõeäär was the third one.

“A long time we were in a bigger group, but after about 60 km, Räim managed to get away and then the group got way smaller. That’s when I knew that I have a chance to win. Last year I was the fourth man and this year I did everything in an opposite way. I left Mihkel in a difficult position and took the victory,” said Gert Kivistik, the winner of 24th Tartu MTB Marathon.

Janelle Uibokand took the fourth victory in the women's competition. Uibokand was more than four minutes ahead of Mari-Liis Mõttus (+4.15) and Ernesta Tubyte (LTU) (+8.31).

"I was riding at my own pace, worked hard and tried not to be in a crash. When the half of the race was ridden, Mari-Liis was left behind and I tried to stay with my group until the finish line. It was successful," explained Uibokand.

According to preliminary data, 3254 riders registered for today's main distances (89, 40 and 21 km). The results of all the 24th Tartu MTB Marathon can be found HERE.

The children's races of the 24th Tartu MTB Marathon took place on Saturday in Tartu Tähtvere Sports Park with a total of 929 little cyclists. 739 children aged up to 7 years finished TILLUsõit with a distance varied between 400 m and 1 km. 190 children older than 7 years of age finished a 5,1 km MINImaraton

The next competition in the Tartu Marathon Cube series is the 10th Tartu City Marathon, which will take place on October 2.