Almost 2800 cyclists took part in the 40th Tartu Rattaralli


Photo of Kalju Koch after his 40th Tartu Rattaralli is attached (private collection).

According to preliminary data, 2771 cycling enthusiasts participated in the Hawaii Express 40th Tartu Rattaralli. 114 foreigners from 17 countries also took part in the virtual race.

There are a total of 6 men in the history of the Tartu Rattaralli who have rode all the rallies since 1982: Johan Laas, Kalju Koch, Lembit Pallas, Tõiv Tamm, Aivar Paapsi and Margus Merisalu. This year it was their 40th ride.

Kalju Koch (79 years old) did the 40th Tartu Rattaralli 58 km in Tallinn. "40th Tartu Rattaralli is really an anniversary year! Many thanks to the management of Hawaii Express and especially to Priit Salumäe, because they make it possible for me to be still in the saddle. Also many thanks to the team of Klubi Tartu Maraton. Cycling has been and will remain the most important thing in my life," said Koch.

Tõiv Tamm covered 128 km with a friend in Southern Estonia. "I also went with a friend last year. It’s a must have to participate in the jubilee race!” he told.

Indrek Kelk, the chief organizer of the Tartu Rattaralli, told that the organizing team tried to find ways to actually make jubilee race happen, but according to the current situation, a decision had to be made in favor of virtual race. “It’s great to see that Tartu Rattaralli brought so many big and small cycling enthusiasts to cycling tracks. We very much hope that in a year we will be able to organize the event on a regular basis. I would like to thank everyone who took part in the race," said Kelk.

According to preliminary data, the three distances of the virtual race, which lasted from May 1st to June 6th, brought together 2771 riders. In addition to the traditional 128, 58 and 25 km distances, for the first time there was also a Rattaralli combo, where 128 km could be covered in parts.

719 cyclists chose 58 km, 597 participants decided to cover 128 km and 348 enthusiasts decided to ride 25 km. Ralli combo was chosen by 214 riders.

This year, children could also participate. The minimum distance was 500 m and 893 smaller cycling fans chose the virtual race.

The virtual Rattaralli was the third race of this year's Tartu Marathon Cube season. The series was opened with the 47th Tartu Maraton, followed by the virtual run of the 39th Tartu Forrest Marathon. The next stage of the Cube is the 15th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon on August 22nd, which the organizers hope to carry out according to the regular event program. In addition, there is still the opportunity to participate virtually.