Virtual format added into all the events of Tartu Marathon Cube series


Photo: Adam Illingworth

Tartu Forest Marathon and Tartu Road Race, due to the corona pandemic held virtually this spring, united thousands of participants from many different countries. In order to offer the possibility to participate also to those, who cannot start on the main marathon day, organizers decided to add the virtual race format into all the events of Tartu Marathon Cube series.

“As the spring crisis did not allow us to organize events in the usual way, we had to find a different solution. Today we can say that the crisis helped us to implement a plan that we have been considering in our team for some time already - to offer our participants a virtual format that is very common in today's sports world,” says Indrek Kelk, the Race Director of Tartu Marathon events. “Based on the feedback of these two virtual races, we can see that this format offers joy to those who for some reason cannot or do not want to participate in the main marathon day. Whether the reason is that the venue of the marathon is too far away, the date is not suitable or, for example, that the person just does not want to come to the event together with such a large crowds,” he explains.

In order to participate in the virtual race, the selected distance must be covered within a given period of time and the log sent to the organizers. All finishers will receive a medal, which will be sent to participants by post. In addition, the start number and diploma can be downloaded and printed out from the event's website.

The first event of the series, which can be participated either on the main day on site or as a virtual format, is the 14th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon in August. In both cases, there are three distances to choose from: 42, 21 and 10 km. The virtual race period for those who want to cover the selected distance at a time and place convenient to them is between August 13th to August 23rd. The main marathon day is August 23rd, races for children take place only on the main day on site.

The virtual format will be also added into the program of the last two events of the season - Tartu MTB Marathon and Tartu City Marathon. The virtual MTB marathon can be covered between September 10th  to September 20th, the main day of the marathon is September 20th. Tartu City Marathon is scheduled for October 3rd, the virtual run period is between September 24th to October 3rd.

Race regulations and practical information for participants are currently being prepared. The organizers will provide additional information on their channels as soon as possible.