Finn Koskela won the 46th Tartu Maraton


Photo: Adam Illingworth

For the first time in history a Finnish skier won Tartu Maraton. In today’s real quick conditions, Niko Koskela won the race with a new course record (2:31.08,9). For the second year in a row, Swede Maria Gräfnings won among women (2:50.59,2).

Estonia’s winter has been the best since 2013 and although the last couple of weeks have been a bit wet and a quite warm, Tartu Maraton still took place on the classical Otepää-Elva 63 km course.

Koskela won the men’s race, beating French skier Damien Tarantola (+1,4) and Suisse Fabio Lechner (+2,9) in a tight group finish.

„It’s great to be the first Finnish winner! The conditions were really fast which made the track record possible,“said Koskela.

Like last year, Swede Maria Gräfnings won among women (2:50.59,2). Estonia’s Tatjana Mannima finished second (+03.04) and Frenchwoman Marie Kromer third (+04.38).

In total of 4867 skiers registered for the main races: 3506 for the longer 63 km distance and 1361 for the shorter 31 km race. For the first time the Tartu Maraton Vintage took place at the same time with the main distances. In total of 104 skiers started either 63 km or 31 km distance with an equipment made before the year 2000.

The next event in the Tartu Maraton Cube 2019 series is the 37th Tartu Forest Marathon (running), which takes place on the 12th of May.

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