Over 7700 participants in Tartu MTB Marathon’s weekend, Lithuanian won the main race


Photo: Kaimo Puniste

As of preliminary data, 5027 cyclists took part in the three distances of the 21st Tartu Rattamaraton, the 3rd biggest of its kind in the World.

The event was held in South-Estonia. The tracks of 89, 40 and 21 km run between Estonian winter capital Otepää and small town Elva. Yesterday, on the 16th of September, more than 2700 children took part in the children’s races of the marathon held in Tartu, the second biggest town in Estonia.

In the main race (89 km), the decisive breakaway took place 20 km before the end when two Lithuanians (Eimantas Gudiškis and Arnoldas Valiauga) and two Estonians (Caspar Austa and Steven Kalf) managed to distance the others. In a close sprint finish Gudiškis won the first place, Austa finished second and Valiauga third. Just before the end Kalf fell and due to that he finished fourth.

The best woman today, Katrina Jaunslaviete-Kipure, who also won the Tartu MTB Marathon last year, came from Latvia. Today she was followed by Estonians Janelle Uibokand and Kelly Kalm.