How is the track situation of Tartu Maraton 1 month before the event?


Estonia’s biggest ski festival, Tartu Maraton, is just 27 days ahead. Let’s take a short look at the  current snow condition on the course.

Our Chief of Course Assar Kütt said that in the start area, Otepää, there is about 10 cm of snow and in the finish area, Elva, approximately 5 cm. Yesterday he worked on the last 16 km of the course (Palu-Elva) and as of today it is possible to ski from Palu to Elva with older skis (in FT). By the end of the week the whole course should be skiable that way. Check out the video about the current track situation!

In the start area, Otepää, it is possible to ski on a 1,5 km loop (CT and FT), 2,5 km loop should be ready by the evening.

It is inevitable that the organizers also have to prepare for the back-up plans. „Right now we are working with the Tehvandi Sports Centre to make sure that at least we will have the 6 km loop made of artificial snow,“ Race Director Indrek Kelk said.

As of today there are still three options for the 45th Tartu Maraton:

A) there is enough snow and the marathon will be held on the original 63 km course;

B) marathon will take place mostly on natural snow and on the original course, but in a shorter version;

C) Tartu Maraton will be held in Tehvandi on the course made of artificial snow, like last year.

Start for the 45th Tartu Maraton will be given on the 18th of February. A week before, on the 11th of February, 6th Tartu Relay Marathon will take place and Open Track races in three different distances (63 km, 31 km, 16 km).

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