Matti Manninen won the 35th Tartu Rattaralli ahead of local favorite


Photo: Kaimo Puniste

135km long 35th Tartu Rattaralli was won today by Matti Manninen from Finland. He was fastest in the three man sprint at the finish line beating local favorite Mihkel Räim. Silver Mäoma of Estonia was third.

5-6 men group was ahead for most of the time, first consisting of only Estonians but after the German team had started to dicktate the tempo in the peloton, front of the race changed.

„We worked together well in the front. But the Germans tried to make it a professional race. This is not actually very okey way to race Tartu Rattaralli,“ said second place Mihkel Räim. German team worked for the whole 100 men peloton.

After hard work from German team couple of guys from peloton managed to join the first five men. One of them Matti Manninen from Finland.

„We managed to grow the gap between leaders and peloton. In the end it was just a matter of centimeters,“ said winner Matti Manninen.

„I knew that Manninen was a fast man. It was sad that Estonians couldn’t win the home race but at least Finland won. Matti is almost like and Estonian, even understands our language,“ Räim added.

Liisa Ehrberg from Estonia was the fastest women, Sille Puhu was second and Iina Lumiaho third.

Next event in the Tartu Marathon Cube series is 10th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon on the 21st of August.

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