Course of Tartu Maraton may be skiable in the weekend


Foto: Tarmo Haud

Despite the fact that 44th Tartu Maraton is officially cancelled, there may be a chance that organizers could prepare at least some parts of the course in a basic training quality for turists coming to Estonia for the weekend.

On Monday Tartu Maraton course has about 5-15cm fresh melting snow and at the moment this wet snow can not be used to make even a basis for the course. But weather forecast predicts that there will be colder temperatures during the next few days and if that happens course master will be able to prepare the basis of the course for the whole 63km from Otepää to Elva.

This opens up an opportunity for everyone who are coming to Estonia for the weekend to at least have a leisure ski on the course of Tartu Maraton. As said before – the course will be in training quality which means that there might be wet and soft spots and also several places where grass or dirt is sticking out. It is reccomended to use older skis.

Fresh snow from past couple of days doesn’t effect the decision to cancel 44th Tartu Maraton -  there is still not enough snow to produce a course in a decent enough quality for that.

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