The fourth stage of Tartu Maraton Mini Cube's takes place on this Saturday


On this Saturday, September 19, takes place the Tartu Maraton Minu Cube's, a sports series for children, penultimate stage - the MTB 18th Tartu Rattamaraton's children's event. Up to 3500 children are expected to participate.

From this year, the children's sports series carries a new name - Tartu Maraton's Minu Cube, instead of the older name Tartu Mini Complex Event, and all six events are included in the series: Tartu Skiing Marathon's, Tartu Jooksumaraton's (running), Tartu Rattaralli's (cycling), Tartu Inline Skating Marathon's, Tartu Rattamaraton's (MTB) and Tartu City Run's children's event. To complete the series, children have to participate in at least four events. 

"From this year, all Club Tartu Maraton events are united in one series, offering new options to participate and I hope, this inspires children as well," said Kunnar Karu, the project manager of the 18th Tartu Rattamaraton. "When earlier, missing one event might have meant not finishing the series, then now, not participating in one event, doesn't mean anything - they just have to choose four events out of six and by the end of the season, they are as active as their parents who have finished the Tartu Maraton Cube series."

"We hope the unity of the series motivates youth and children to try more different sports and to try them with their friends, class mates and parents," added Karu. 
In the four events taken place this year, already 6275 children have participate, out of them 2000 have participated in at least two or three events, giving them the opportunity to finish the series and participate in the season ending even on October 3rd in Tartu Lõunakeskus. 
All Club Tartu Maraton children's events are free of charge. They are not competitions, all participants will receive a diploma, medal and a small bag of goods. 
Registration online for the 18th Tartu Rattamaraton's children's event is open from today, September 14, until Thursday, September 17, at 5:00 PM. It is also possible to register on the day of the race on spot. 
Photo: Tarmo Haud