Over 3500 young cyclists gathered today to the Tartu Rattaralli


Today, on May 30th, the 34th Tartu Rattaralli children’s event took place. According to the preliminary results, 3510 children participated.

The 34th Tartu Rattaralli welcomed children of all ages - for pre-school children, TILLUraces with 500 meters and 1,1 km long distances, were held. 2053 children took part in these distances. For school children, MINIrally took place with 5,2 km and 10,5 km long distances. Altogether 1457 participants undertook these distances.

“We are glad that again, the weather was superb and the children had such a great sports day in Tartu city,” said Kunnar Karu, the project manager of the 34th Tartu Rattaralli. “This large number of participants clearly states the cycling is continually popular and we don’t have to worry about the future of cycling. At the same time, we hope such similar events offer children the fun of cycling and teach how to do it safely, for example, how to cycle in the group, how to do it in the city on the streets, etc. Of course all this with the helmet on their head and smile on their faces!”

The first start was given at 11.00 in Tartu city center, on Turu street. The courses ran along Tartu city center, the MINIrally also passed Supilinn and Karlova streets - very scenic Tartu districts. During the race, the traffic was closed.

This was the third stage of Tartu Maraton Mini Cube events series. No winners are declared in the series events. However, all participants receive a medal, a diploma and a small prize bag. All Club Tartu Marathon's children's events are free of charge.

Tomorrow, on May 31st, the 34th Tartu Rattaralli main races with 142 km and 63 km long distances are held. Over 4000 cyclists will participate. 

Photo: Tarmo Haud