The cycling battle between Ukraine and Russia was won by Ukraine


The winner of the 34th Tartu Rattaralli is Andri Kulik (Ukraine) followed by Mamõr Staš from Russia and Karlo Aia from Estonia. The winner was solved out between 8 cyclists in an exciting groupfinish.

8 cyclists made a brakeaway from the main group 50 km after the start was given. The co-operation between them  was very good, so they managed to keep the leading position until the end of the race. 5 of the cyclists in the leading group  were Estonians - Karlo Aia, Silver Schultz, Erki Pütsep, Ivo Suur, Jaanus Tasane, one from Germany (Theo Reinhardt), one from Russia (Mamõr Staš) and one from Ukraine (Andri Kulik).

The winner was decided just a couple of kilometers before the finish line when the German Theo Reinhart speeded up. Karlo Aia managed to keep up with him, but the Ukrainian and Russian cyclists approaching from behind were even faster and took the victory.

„The first place is a big surprise for me,“ said the winner Andri Kulik in a press conference.

Mamõr Staš, the winner of the second place, made the strong ride during the whole track, was the first in several sprints, but still did not take the victory in the finish line. „Our aim was to win today, but unfortunately this was not accomplished,“ said the member of Rusvelo Team Mamõr Staš. „But the second place is not that bad either,“  he added and acknowledged  the organisers for the excellent work.

Liisa Erhberg was the best female rider. Rait Pallo and Reeda Tuula became the new leaders for the Tartu Maraton Cube.

A total of 4197 cyclists entered todays 34th Tartu Rattaralli – 1928 for the longer 142km distance and 2270 for the smaller 63km distance.

Next event for the Tartu Maraton Cube is 9th Tartu Rulluisumaraton which takes place on the 23rd of August.

Photo: Kaimo Puniste

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