8000 people enjoyed the fun of skiing in the 43rd Tartu Maraton


I can say that it was perhaps even better than Vasaloppet,“ said the winner of the 43rd Tartu Maraton Eldar Rönning after the race. Similary to the four-time world champion a total of 8051 people enjoyed Tartu Maraton events this year.

„Praise goes to our chiefs of course Arvo and Assar Kütt who managed to pull of an incredible miracle in the last 16km kilometres of the track. There was a real lack of snow but they managed to make it almost perfect,“ said race director Indrek Kelk.

Norwegian duo managed to take first two places in the 43rd Tartu Maraton. Eldar Rönning was first and Audun Laugaland second. Martti Himma from Estonia was third. It was nine years ago when an  Estonian was last on the podium in Tartu Maraton.

Tatjana Mannima (EST) was the best female, Antonella Confortola (ITA) was second and Triin Ojaste (EST) third.

A total of 5648 skiers participated on the main day of 43rd Tartu Maraton. 4466 skiers finished the 63km distance and 1182 in the 31km distance. A day before childrens’ events took place. A total of 1427 young skiers participated there.

Week before that, on the 8th of February, 974 people participated in the Tartu Maraton Open Track events and in the 4th Tartu Relay Marathon.

Tartu Maraton was also the first event in the Tartu Maraton Cube series. Next will be the 33rd Tartu Jooksumaraton on the 10th of May.

Photo: Kaimo Puniste

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