Almost 1500 young skiers participated in Tartu Maraton children’s races


Today, on February 14, the 43rd Tartu Maraton children’s races were held in Tartu, Tähtvere Sports Park. According to preliminary data 1429 children participated, most of them - 1018 - participated in TILLUraces (for up to 8 years old) and 411 participated in MINImarathons (for older than 9 years old).

Last year, the Tartu Maraton races, including children’s races, were cancelled due to lack of snow. This year, the snow conditions are not perfect either and just a few days prior the event, organizers had to shorten the distances. This time, the tracks did not reach Dendro Park, as usual, and the longest distance was 1,8 km.

“There was a lot of work done in the Tähtvere Sports Park for the children’s races within this week,” said Kunnar Karu, project manager of the 43rd Tartu Maraton. “We brought about 2000 cubic meters of additional snow to the tracks.”

“Regardless very little preparation and exercise time, we are glad so many children participated with big smiles on their faces,” added Karu. “We hope the smiles remain or get even bigger, as all other five events of Tartu Maraton Mini Cube cup are waiting for participants - Tartu Jooksumaraton, Tartu Rattaralli, Tartu Rulluisumaraton, Tartu Rattamaraton and Tartu City Marathon.”

The children’s races of the 42nd Tartu Maraton held in 2013 brought together 1921 children, which is also the record number of participants.

43rd Tartu Maraton will be held tomorrow, on February 14, as planned with two distances: 63 km and 31 km.

Photo: Ardo Säks