4th Tartu Relay Marathon was won by SuusaAkadeemia


43rd Tartu Maraton events started today with the 4th Tartu Relay Marathon which was won by team called SuusaAkadeemia mostly consisting of former Estonian national cross-country team members – Timo Simonlatser, Andres Kollo, Kein Einaste and Vahur Teppan with a time of 2:50:22.

SK Biathlon/Squeezy Team (2:50:52) was second and SK Biathlon/Nõmme (2:55:30) third. Both teams consisted mostly of Estonian biathlon skiers.

SuusaAkadeemia managed to get in front already in the start and Timo Simonlatser handed over first relay 22 seconds before the second team. Actually Simonlatsers’ mistake in the start could have costed the race for the whole team. He didn’t enter the starting corridor at the correct place and the whole team was close to having one minute penalty for that. But the jury decided to keep the original results and give SuusaAkadeemia an official warning.

Total of 137 teams took part in the 4th Tartu Relay Marathon. Tartu Maraton Open Track events were held at the same time. A total of 974 skiers participated today in the Tartu Maraton pre-events.

43rd Tartu Maraton will take place next Sunday, on the 15th of February.

Photo: Tarmo Haud