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Open Track shuttle buses on 14.02.16

On the morning of the Open Track event (Feb 14th), the Organizer has organised special shuttle buses from Tartu and the finish parking lots in Elva to the start location (Tehvandi Sport Centre in Otepää). Rides on the special shuttle buses are available for a fee.

A 1-day bus ticket costs 4 EUR. Bus tickets can be bought from the office of Tartu Maraton from February 1st, 2016.

The bought ticket is valid also during the return ride! Please save your ticket, if you should lose it, a new ticket must be bought!

NB! Rides from Otepää back to Elva or Tartu are also available for a fee. The buses leave from Otepää at 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00.
The final stop in Tartu is in front of the Aura Keskus.

Open Track shuttle bus timetable:

7:00 Tartu  - Otepää


Tartu - Otepää
8:00 Elva finish parking lot - Otepää
11:00 Elva finish parking lot - Otepää

Tartu = Theater Vanemuine’s parking lot
Finish parking lot = 2nd km of the Elva-Hellenurme road
Otepää = The gate of the Tehvandi ski stadium