Особенности дорожного движения

  • Consider driving among thousands of cars. Take enough time for getting to the start (be there at least 1,5 hours before the start).
  • Avoid passing other cars while driving in a motorcade. Driving calmly makes it faster and a lot safer!
  • If you are not very sure of your winter driving capabilities, consider not to drive and find a place on a friend’s car or even better - use shuttle buses! 
  • After the 63 km start, it is possible to drive to the service points by driving straight across the traffic light crossing or by using the road to Valga (after the skiers have crossed the road, from 9.30) with a direction to Restu.
  • Finish area is accessible by Otepää-Rõngu rd or by Otepää-Kintsli-Laguja-Elva.
  • From Otepää to the 31 km start - use the traffic light crossing to head for Pühajärve and make a turn there to Puka. Then drive until Arula. Coming from Rõngu, there is a turn to Arula at Palu.
  • 31 km start area is at the crossroad of Arula and Pringi.
  • If approaching to 31 start from direction Sangaste-Valga, please avoid using Puka-Arula road as it will cross with marathon track.
  • Arula-Puka road is closed at Meegaste at 10.30- 14.00.
  • Stopping is not allowed closer than 50 m from the tracks on both sides of the road.
  • In service points, the car must be parked in the parking lots. When no parking lots are available, parking is only allowed on one side of the road.

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