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Race Regulations

  1. Tartu Street Race (from now on: competition) is going to be held during the UEC Road European Championships 2015. The competition aims to provide an opportunity to amateur riders to participate in a profesional race.
  2. The competition is organised by Club Tartu Maraton (Laulupeo Ave 25, 51007 Tartu, Estonia, ph: 7421 644).
  3. The competition will be organized according to the Estonian Cyclists Union (EJL) rules, current Race Regulations and according to the decisions made by the Board of Club Tartu Maraton.
  4. The competition will take place on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at 12.00-14.00 on the streets of Tartu . The riders will compete on UEC Road European Championships road race lap covering a total of 62 km.
  5. The race centre is located in Tartu on Turu street, in the parking lot in front of Aura Centre and it is open August 6th – 8th, 2015 at 10.00-18.00.
  6. Registration takes place in the registration system at www.tartumaraton.ee from May 15th to August 7th, 2015 at 17.00 and in the race centre on August 8th at 8:00 – 11:00.
  7. Entry fees:
    • 1.05.15 – 1.08.15       25€
    • 2.08.15 – 7.08.15       35€
    • 8.08.15                          40€
    • A 50% discount is available for participants up to the age of 18 (included)
      7.1  A registration is valid only after paying the entry fee.
      7.2  In case of cancelling a participation the fee will not be refunded.
      7.3  If the competition is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organisers the participation fees will not be refunded.
      7.4 All expenses of participants and their managers will be covered by themselves.
  8. The entry fee includes: a marked and secure race track, a start number, a timing chip, timing (only if the start number  and chip are worn correctly), a result in the final protocol, a diploma, first aid if needed and awards ceremonies.
  9. The competiton has a limit of participants. The maximum number of riders allowed on the track is 200. EJL CR or any other national cyclists' union's license is not required.
  10. The results of both men and women are considered separately in the following classes:
    • Men:                                             Year of birth
      MJ                                              2000 – 1997         (EJL M16/MJ)
      ME/The main class                  1996 – 1986         (EJL MU/ME/Sport)
      M1                                               1985 – 1966         (EJL  MSen1/MSen2)
      M2                                               1965 and older (EJL  MSen3/MSen 4/etc.
    • Women:                                      Year of birth
      WJ                                               2000 – 1997         (EJL N16/NJ)
      WE/The main class                  1996 – 1986         (EJL NE/NSport)
      W2                                               1985 and older (EJL NSen1/ NSen2 etc.)
      10.1. If there are less than 3 participants in a competition class the best will not be awarded.
      10.2. If an athlete of a lower competition class achieves podium place in the main competition class, they will be awarded for both of the competition classes.
  11. Bibs and timing
    11.1. Bibs will be handed out in the race centre on August 8th, 2015 at 10.00-12.00.
    11.2. Start numbers must be  placed on the lower back, on both sides (see the attached image of the positioning of the numbers). The timing chip must be  attached on the front fork (see the picture).If a chip is lost or not returned a penalty of 90 € will follow.
    11.3. To get a result the competitor must ride the whole race. If a rider is overlapped by  the leaders they are obliged to quit the competition and leave the track, ending an ongoing lap (surpassing the starting and finish line). They will get a result according to the number of laps completed, provided that they have complited at least 50% of the total distance.
    11.4. Start corridors will be open 10 minutes before the start.
  12. Results
    12.1 There will be a final individual classification for all the aforementioned competition classes.
    12.2 Unofficial results will be up on the information board in the race centre after the finish of the last participant. Official results will be published the next day at www.tartumaraton.ee and www.ejl.ee .
  13. Awards: 3 best riders of each class will be awarded a cup, flowers and a gift certificate.
    13.1. The awards ceremony will be held at 14.20 on the podium of the finish area.
    13.2. The athlete will lose their right to the award if they miss the awards ceremony.
  14. Important rules
    14.1. Only road bikes and cyclo-cross race bikes in good technical conditions are allowed.
    14.2. An individual start handlebar is not allowed.
    14.3. Participation is allowed only with your own bib and under your own name.
    14.4. Using outside help to move on on the track is not allowed.
    14.5. Wearing a helmet is obligatory.
    14.6. Riders must follow traffic rules, signs and orders of traffic officers. Riding on the left side of the road is strictly prohibited.
    14.7. M/W16 ja M/WJ class riders are not obliged to use gear ratios.
    14.8. Using bibs from other competitions or self-made bibs is not allowed.
    14.9  The competitor will be disqualified and removed from the competition if they violate any of  rules 14.1-14.8.
    14.10 Disqualification can also be based on video recordings or photos.
  15. Responsibility
    15.1 Upon registration every participant confirms that they have read the Race Regulations and are obliged to follow them.
    15.2 All participants are responsible for their health condition and athletic preparation and take part in the competition entirely at their own risk.
    15.3 All participants are responsible for their own safety and safety of fellow competitors.
    15.4 All participants under the age of 18 must have their parent’s or guardian’s consent and will be their responsibility.
  16. 16. Technical service and team representative
    16.1. The neutral support is taken care of by means of 3 cars
    16.2. Team cars are not allowed on the race track.
    16.3. The spectators will get information about the competition from the race caller.
  17. Upon registration all participants approve of the Race Regulations and permit using photos and video footage taken of them during the competition to promote the event.
  18. Antidoping. Participants honour acts of fair play. The antidoping rules of the UCI are fully applicable during the competition and thus the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency (www.antidoping.ee) and other antidoping organisations have the right to carry out doping tests among all the participants.
  19. Protests
    19.1. Protests  must be brought up with the Race Commissaire during 1 hour after the finish of the first participant.
    19.2. The protest fee (except  concerning race results) is 40 € and will be refunded only when the protest has been met. All protests concerning the competition will be solved by the Panel of Commissaires.
  20. All cases not mentioned in the current Race regulations will be solved by the Organising Committee and the Panel of Commissaires.

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