UCI MTB XCM cl. CN Regulations

September 21, 2014    88,7 km


UCI Enrolment Form (DOC, 62 Kb)


1.1. SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton is organized by Club Tartu Maraton (address: Laulupeo Ave 25, Tartu, 51007 Estonia; ph: +372 7421 644; fax: +372 7422 536, e-mail: tartumaraton@tartumaraton.ee) in accordance with the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI).
1.2. The event will take place on September 21, 2014 on South-Estonia's gravel and forest roads from Otepää to Elva.
1.3. Time schedule:

Tehvandi Ski Stadium, Otepää
9:30              Start corridors will be open
9:40              Staging of the riders according to the current UCI MTB XCO ranking
10:00            Start of the race

Tartumaa Leisure and Sports Centre (Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus), Elva
12:50        Finish of the winner of SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton
13:00        Flower ceremony (for 3 best of overall ranking)
13:10        Press conference (for 3 best of overall ranking)
14:15        Awards ceremony of Estonian National Championships (ME, WE)
14:30        Awards ceremony of SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton (for 12 best men and 6 best women)


2.1.         The event is entered in the UCI MTB XCM International calendar. The riders aged 19 and over holding a valid ME, WE or MU licence, issued by a UCI member federation, have right to start from the elite start group.
2.2.         With the organizers decision, the best juniors of Estonia are allowed to start at Estonian Championships in ME and WE class. These athletes will be named individually by Race Director and Head Coach of the Estonian National Team.
2.3.         SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton is registered as an official UCI CN-class race. In accordance with the UCI Rules, 10 best ME and WE riders will obtain the UCI MTB ranking points as follows:

1.            110 p                                     6.            40 p
2.            90 p                                        7.            30 p
3.            70 p                                        8.            20 p
4.            60 p                                        9.            10 p
5.            50 p                                        10.          5 p

2.4.        SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton is registered also as an Estonian Cyclist Union category 1 competition, where ME and WE riders will obtain the Estonian MTB ranking points.


Registration and entry fee payments should be made according to the Race Regulations of the SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton. For the UCI CN class competition an additional registration is necessary on a UCI Enrolment Form (DOC, 62 Kb), which must be sent to Club Tartu Maraton by e-mail  tartumaraton@tartumaraton.ee or by fax: +372 7422 536.
NB! The deadline of UCI CN registration is September 15th, 2014 at 13:00.


4.1. The Race Headquarters in the race centre at the Lõunakeskus skating rink (Ringtee 75, Tartu, www.lounakeskus.com) is open on September 19th at 12.00-21.00 and on September 20th at 10.00–19.00 and at the finish area in Tartumaa Leisure and Sports Centre on September 21st at 12.00–17.00.
4.2. Team representatives are requested to confirm their starters, submit riders’ licenses and collect their race numbers on Saturday, September 20th between 15:00–17:00 at the Race Headquarters.
4.3. Team managers’ meeting, organized in accordance with the article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th at 18.00 at the race headquarters.


5.1. At SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton 12 first men and 6 first women in the final classification will be awarded with prizes.
5.2.        15 first ME and 10 first WE riders of UCI CN competition will also be awarded with prize money as follows:     

Men: Women:
1. place  400 €  1. place  320 €
2. place  320 € 2. place  240 €
3. place  240 € 3. place  160 €
4. place  200 €   4. place  120 €
5. place  160 € 5. place  80 €
6. place  120 € 6. place  60 € 
7. place  100 €  7.  place  50 €    
8. place  80 €  8.  place  40 €
9. place  60 € 9.  place  30 €
10. place  40 € 10. place  20 €
11. place   30 € 
12. place   30 € 
13. place   30 € 
14. place   30 € 
15. place   30 € 

 Total:  2990 €

5.3.        There will be two intermediate sprints on the course: on 12,2 km at Matu Service Point (SP) and on 66,3 km at Palu SP. The winner of each intermediate sprint will be awarded with the prize of 120 €.
5.4.        All prizes listed in Article 5.2. and 5.3. shall be paid to the winners after deducting 21% income tax (according to the Income Tax Act of Estonia).
5.5.        In accordance with art. 1.2.072 of the UCI CR, monetary prizes shall be transferred to the competitor's bank account by no later than 90 days after the race. The transfer shall be based on the finalized race protocol, and the monetary prize form (issued immediately after the main award ceremony from the second floor of the race HQ at the finish) that has been filled out by the competitor or his/her representative.

The total prize fund of SEB 17. Tartu Rattamaraton is 3230 EUR.


6.1. All expenses concerning participation (entry fees, travel expenses, accommodation etc.) must be covered by the riders or their organizations.


7.1          According to the UCI regulations, each rider is obliged to wear a rigid helmet.
7.2          The paper start number must be attached to the lower back of the rider and the plastic start number in front of the bike's handlebars.
7.3          Riders' clothing and advertising on the clothes must be in accordance with the UCI regulations.


8.1. The race will take place on roads closed for public traffic. The race route will cross roads with an open traffic the in several places, where route can be crossed only by the instructions of the police officers.
8.2. Riders are obliged to follow the instructions of police officers.
8.3. Team cars' drivers must follow the instructions of police, organizers and commissaires. TEAM car permits (not more than two permits per team), giving some advantages to drive between SP-s, will be handed out at the team mangers meeting.
8.4. Organizers are not responsible for any private possessions left without care.


9.1          According to the Article 4.2.033 of the UCI MTB regulations feeding is allowed only at 6 official Service Points (SP). Access to the feeding zones is allowed only with TEAM accreditation cards (max 2 licenced persons per team).
9.2          According to the UCI MTB regulations there will be a neutral service team in every SP.


10.1. The flower ceremony and the press conference will take place on the main stage in the finish area 10 minutes after the finish of the winner. 3 best men in the overall classification are obliged to participate at the flower ceremony and at the press conference.
10.2. The award ceremony of the UCI CN competition takes place at 14.15.
10.3. The main award ceremony will take place on the main stage in the finish area at 14.30. 12 best men, 6 best women and the winners of intermediate sprints are obliged to participate.
10.4. Rider who does not appear at the awarding ceremony, loses one’s right for prizes and will be penalized financially according to UCI CR.


11.1        If necessary, according to the UCI regulations.


12.1. Protests can be launched only if the penalty, stated by the Commissaires Panel, exceeds 200 CHF.
12.2. Protests will be solved according to the Article 12.1.012 of UCI regulations.
12.3  Other unforeseen cases will be solved by the Commissaires Panel together with the Race Director.


Team managers are obliged to:
13.1        Inform the competitors about the rules, schedule and other official documentation.
13.2        Follow punctually the orders given by the organizers and commissaires.
13.3        Cover the costs of damages caused by their teams´ competitors in their lodging places.
13.4        Prepare their competitors for attending punctually awarding ceremonies and / or press conferences.