Tour options in South-Estonia


September 13th - 19th, 2020


Hiking in swamps and bogs

5-6 hours, 87 km from Tartu, 45 km from Otepää
Hiking in swamps and bogs in bogshoes is exotic, environmentally friendly and, of course, practical. Bogshoes will take you to places which otherwise would be almost impossible to access! And you may even cross paths with one of Estonia’s many wild animals. Guided bogshoe hikes help you learn many new and fascinating facts about Estonian nature, bogs origin, flora and fauna of swamps.
Price: from 58 EUR/person (min 15 preregistered persons).

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Cycling tour around Lake Pühajärve

2-3 hours, 44 km from Tartu, 2 km from Otepää

Cycling aroung the picturesque Lake Pühajärv. Program includes picnic and equipment rental.
Price: from 54 EUR/person (min 15 preregistered persons). 

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Murimäe Veinikelder – Nordic wines experience

4 hours, 55 km from Tartu, 13 km from Otepää

In a scenic Southern Estonian vineyard, Murimäe Veinikelder is offering you (group up to 30 people) a Nordic wine experience. The visit includes a tour of the vineyard, the farm, the wine kitchen and the wine cellar. We will give you an overview of Nordic vineyards and of the process of making handicraft wines. We offer a degustation of five Murimäe Veinikelder’s wines (including wines from local grapes) which is accompanied by snacks from local produce (i.e. grape leaf pesto, local cheeses, etc).
Price: from 44 EUR/person (min 15 preregistered persons).

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Tartu walking tour in Old Town and Dome Hill

2 hours

The tour includes highlights as Dome Hill with its monuments, Devil's Bridge and Angel's Bridge, Tartu University main hall  and Gustav Adolph II monument, St. John's Church famous for its terracotta sculptures. Option: Visit Sports and Olympic museum right after the walking tour.
Price: from 13 EUR/person. The tour will take place, if min. 10 persons have been registered.

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Tour to Alatskivi Castle and Ice Age Center

6 hours, 40 km from Tartu

A magical castle on the eastern border of Estonia is waiting for you!
Here, you can get acquainted with the life and history of an aristocratic family and meet the various servants who worked in the manor a century ago. The tour guides of the castle know countless stories; you can also make your own souvenirs.

Ice Age Centre is an exciting theme park meant for the whole family! It  is  a unique visiting centre in the Baltic States – you will see life-sized prehistoric animals and experience how the world and Estonian nature has developed through the ages.

Price 65 EUR/person (minimum 15 preregistered persons).
Price includes: bus and guide escort, entrances to Alatskivi Castle and Ice Age Center, local guides in the museums.

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Guided tour at the Estonian National Museum

2 hours, driving to the museum either by public transport or a city bike

The museum has 6000 square meters of exhibition space. Most of the exhibition space is dedicated to the permanent exhibition Encounters, expanding upon Estonian cultural history and everyday life and stretching out on a timeline from the present day to the Ice Age. The second biggest permanent exhibition is Echo of the Urals, providing insight into the lives of the different people speaking Finno-Ugric languages and inhabiting the northern parts of this corner of the World.
Price: from 25 EUR/person (min 10 preregistered persons) + public transport ticket if needed.

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All tours can be combined with meals as well as united into 2-3-day package trips with accommodation!

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