Tartu Rulluisumaraton

Club Tartu Maraton’s long time dream to organize the first inline skating marathon was mainly stuck for finding a proper asphalt roads for the race. The dream came true in August 2007. On the 26th of August the first edition of Tartu Rulluisumaraton took place. The race starts from the city and takes the skaters to the borough of Tartu - the 16 km lap has good asphalt. Many specialists were rather pessimistic about the success of inline skating marathon and did not expect very many participants but against all hopes the first race gathered altogether over 900 skaters.

The number was gained mostly thanks to the popularity of other events organised by Club Tartu Maraton. Many people who have taken part in other events did not want to miss the unique possibility to be a part of the beginning of a new event. A year later, already 1114 people crossed the finish line of the SEB 2. Tartu Rulluisumaraton. The third edition already gathered more than 2000 participants.

Like a tradition this race also has accompanied races for children. With one difference – they are held on the same day just before main starts!


year distance course winner country time ladies winner (overall rank) country time
2007 36 km Tartu Danila Ruusu EST 1:03.20.2 Enel Kõrva (13) EST 1:09.03.8
2008 36 km Tartu Teemu Ylänen FIN 1:02.26.9 Enel Kõrva (43) EST 1:10.35.0
2009 36 km Tartu Alfredo Moreno VEN 1:01.15.9 Evgenia Radionik (23) RUS 1:04.57.7
2010 36 km Tartu Kert Keskpaik EST 1:02.51.4 Enel Kõrva (18) EST 1:07.08.1
2011 42 km Tartu Alfredo Moreno VEN 1:10.23.2 Anna Pletenetska (27) UKR 1:13.07.3
2012 48 km Jõgeva-Tartu Bartosz Chojnacki POL 1:16.18.16 Anna Pletenetska (27) UKR 1:18.46.9
2013 48 km Jõgeva-Tartu Alfredo Moreno VEN 1:19.30.5 Marina Zueva (27) BLR 1:19.46.3
2014 42 km Tartu Kert keskpaik EST 1:07.43.24 Laima Kaufina (29) LAT 1:12.31.09
2015 42 km Tartu Kert Keskpaik EST 1:08.33 Marina Zueva (17) BLR 1:13.25
2016 42 km  Tartu Marten Liiv EST 1:11.2.,56 Marina Zueva (17) BLR 1:12.26.13
2017 42 km Tartu Reinis Znotins LAT 1:10.05.86 Enel Kõrva (29) EST 1:15.01.25
2018 42 km Tartu Reinis Znotins LAT 1:09:10.23 Saskia Alusalu (21) EST 1:13:13.11
2019 42 km Tartu Marten Liiv EST 1:09:28.4 Marina Zueva EST 1:09:31.9