Historical facts of Club Tartu Maraton

  • On January 16th 1960 the first ski-hike from Tartu to Kääriku started from Tartu city centre, which was the beginning of one of the most popular public sport event tradition of Estonia - Tartu Maraton.
  • OC of Tartu Maraton took in 1982 a new challange to organice popular cycling road race Tartu Rattaralli.
  • In autumn of 1983 the same OC founded new event - Tartu Sügisjooks (Tartu Autumn City Run). All three competitions were tied up to form a complex event with a ranking system - Tartu Triple Event.
  • From 1984 children events were introduced in cycling and running, followed by kids ski event in 1985
  • After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, the most active OC members formed a non-profit company Club Tartu Maraton, which took over organization of Tartu Maraton, Tartu Sügisjooks and Tartu Rattaralli. 
  • In 1998 Tartu Rattamaraton (mountain bike race) was introduced by club, in 2007 followed Tartu Rulluisumaraton (inline skating race) and in 2012 Tartu Linnamaraton (Tartu city marathon).
  • In 2000 Tartu Triple Event turned to Tartu Complex Event when Tartu Rattamaraton was added to season ranking system.
  • In 2015 Tartu Complex Event was replaced by Tartu Maraton Cube, to unite all 6 races in one ranking system and give our participants new attractive sportive challenge.

Statistics of club events