Предложения участникам

For main distance and children's races participants

Best sports equipment from Sportland! Additional info: www.sportland.ee  

Best selection of bikes and cycling equipment from Hawaii Express! Additional info: www.hawaii.ee

Estonian National Museum welcomes our participants with a 20% discount 

Presenting Your participation medal entitles you to a 20% discount on day tickets in the Estonian National Museum. This offer is valid one week after each event

Ski friends will get -20% discount from the bepulsaar.ee e-shop with the promo code "movinglimits" until the end of February.

Pulsaar is a brand born in 2019, represented in Estonia by Sirowa Tallinn AS.

Pulsaar's customers are people who value a healthy lifestyle. Keywords are healthy eating, natural, GMO-free, chemical-free and vegan. The factors that guarantee success are quality and taste experience!