Weather and Track

Track condition

13th of February

This week's situation is similar to last week's: weather has been cold, but we haven't had much extra snow. Skiing on the original course is not possible, the Open Track race and the 5th Tartu Relay Marathon will be held at Haanja where there is a nine kilometers long course in good condition.

6th of February

Most of the original course is covered with thin ice layer and some places even have a little bit of snow on it. We need aproximately 10 centimeters of snow to make the ski course again.

24th of January

Last week's rainy and warm weather has demolished the small amount of snow there was on the course. Still, we are expecting some more snow in the near future.

7th of November

Classic and free technique course is ready and open for practise. It is still recommended to use older skis because there are still patches of dirt on the course.

4th of November

Tartu Maraton course has had it's first snow of the season and chief of course has pressed the first track in. More snow expected in the near future!

Otepää, Tehvandi

  • 0.0 °C Temperature
  • -4 °C Windchill
  • 741 mmHg Air pressure
  • 92 % Humidity
  • 3.0 m/s Wind


  • -1.4 °C Temperature
  • -1.4 °C Windchill
  • 742 mmHg Air pressure
  • 89 % Humidity
  • 0 m/s Wind


  • -1.0 °C Temperature
  • -5 °C Windchill
  • 742 mmHg Air pressure
  • 77 % Humidity
  • 3.0 m/s Wind