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Registration for the 1st Tartu MTB Marathon Relay is now open!


An official training for the 19th Tartu Rattamaraton is going to take place on the same day as Marathon Relay. Photo: Tarmo Haud

1st Tartu MTB Marathon Relay – a unique and first time race in Estonia - is going to take place on the 11th of September, the race course runs between Elva and Otepää, on a backwards marathon’s course.

We are welcoming the teams consisting of three cyclist, who will complete a 22km, 37km or a 30km distance. All the three courses are different and every team can choose the suitable and congenial route for each team member.

„The idea of of the Tartu MTB Marathon Relay is to unite different cyclists into one team and give them an interesting and fun experience one week before the main race – third biggest MTB marathon in the world, Tartu Rattamaraton,“ said race director Indrek Kelk.

Peep Orlovski, who has taken part in cycling road races, mountain bike races and cross-country run, said that the backwards route is a bit harder, because it runs mostly uphill, but it is feasible for everyone. “I personally beilive that the the path is perfect for Relay, it would be too easy to ride from Otepää to Elva, especially when you only have to ride for 30 km,” said Orlovski. 

He added, that what makes the Marathon Relay interesting is that the race is different than just speeding from the start to finish. “Everyone has a responsible position within the team, not to ruin their contribution and not to let your team down,” spoke Orlovksi, who is planning to build up an unified family team team with his brothers.

Priit Tiks is planning to take part in the 1st Tartu MTB Marathon Relay with his 13-year-old son and 73-year-old granduncle. Tiks follows the example of his greatuncle when it comes to sporty lifestyle, because he has already completed 1500 km on a bicyle during current season.

There is also going to be an awarding ceremony and time measuring in the 1st Tartu MTB Marathon Relay.  Register now and write your name in history! 

More information and registration:


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