40th Tartu Rattaralli will be a virtual race


Photo of Tartu Rattaralli 2015. Author: Tarmo Haud.

Tartu Rattaralli has brought joy to many Estonian and foreign sports fans for forty years. But this year it is unfortunately impossible to organize the original Tartu Rattaralli. However, the organizers are making the most of this situation and have planned something new for cycling fans.

The chief organizer Indrek Kelk says that the organizing team has been discussing many options on how to make Tartu Rattaralli jubilee year special, but according to the current restrictions there is no possibility to hold the real race. „Of course it is not an ideal option for us, but we couldn't wait any longer to make that decision, and now we have the opportunity to focus entirely on a virtual race,“ tells Kelk.

New edition – rattaralli combo

Virtual race has three main distances: 128, 58 and 25 km. This year it is also possible to take part in rattaralli combo. This means that 128 km could be done in different parts, minimum distance at once is 12,8 km. Participants can choose where to make their ride.

 „There will be original marked tracks for cycling fans who want to ride the traditional Tartu-Elva-Otepää route. For those who cannot come to Southern Estonia, we offer different track options in cooperation with cycling clubs all over Estonia. In any case, everyone who wants should find a suitable and safe place to do a virtual race, ”explains Kelk.

The selected distance can be covered from May 1st to June 6th.

Children's races are also virtual

Children's races will also be virtual this year, the minimum distance is 500 m. "Last year, we did not dare to offer children a virtual race, but as a society we have adapted to the situation throughout the year and we find that it is still possible to do it safely with the help of parents. However it is important to do the race in a closed place where there is no traffic,” says Kelk. The virtual children's race will also take place from May 1st to June 6th.

New name sponsor

Thanks to good partners and sponsors, it is possible to survive these difficult times and still offer people the opportunity to participate in events – virtually or originally, depending on the situation. "We are very grateful that Hawaii Express, who has already been on the list of Tartu Rattaralli sponsors, has decided to make an even greater contribution to the event. That's why our cycling events are now named as Hawaii Express," adds Kelk.

Additional information about the virtual race will be provided by the organizers on their channels as soon as possible.