Will Estonians take the victory of Tartu Maraton after 16 years?


Tartu Maraton in 2019 (Mart Kevin Põlluste started with number 12). Author: Adam Illingworth.

The main favorites of Tartu Maraton are Niko Koskela (FIN), the winner of Tartu Maraton in 2019, and Mart Kevin Põlluste, who finished as the best Estonian in the same year. Tatjana Mannima (EST) is a favorite among women.

The Finnish skier, Niko Koskela, will be a tough competition for two Estonians – Mart Kevin Põlluste and Henri Roos, who are team members in Nordic Jobs Worldwide.

The last time when an Estonian won the Tartu Maraton was in 2005, when Raul Olle was the first to finish. However, there is hope that this long period will end at this year's Tartu Maraton. Mart Kevin Põlluste has recently won the Alutaguse Marathon in Estoloppet series and improved his results in the international marathon series Visma Ski Classics. He has definitely the best chances for a highest place among Estonians. Moreover – in 2019, he was defeated by Niko Koskela in just six seconds in the finish of Tartu Maraton.

Among women, the main favorite is Tatjana Mannima, the two-time winner of Tartu Maraton.  Hanna-Brita Kaasik also deserves mentioning.

Tartu Maraton course master Assar Kütt thinks that the track conditions are ideal at the moment. "I also know that Sunday may bring warm weather. So the final situation will be clear on the main marathon day, "he admits.

As of February 19th, 3684 people have registered for Tartu Maraton.

The 63 km distance will start on Sunday 9am at Tehvandi stadium, Otepää. 31 km skiers will start in Arula at 12.30pm.