Raido Mitt won the 9th Tartu City Marathon


Photo of Tartu City Marathon winner Raido Mitt. Author: Tarmo Haud.

Raido Mitt won the marathon distance at the 9th Tartu City Marathon with a time of 2:30.03.

There were three men in the front of 10 km: Rait Ratasepp, Raido Mitt and Raivo Alla. After 30 kilometers, Raivo Alla discontinued. Mitt and Ratasepp ran together towards the finish line. Mitt was the first man to arrive on the red carpet and cross the finish line. Second place went to Ratasepp (+00.19) and third to Ülari Kais (+3.55).

"Rait was mostly leading the run, we were quite lucky. In fact, the run was controlled, but in the end it felt like legs were no longer the freshest. I got away the last kilometer when I started to come down from Toomemäe,” explained the marathon winner Mitt.

In the women's competition, Kadiliis Kuiv won the 42 km distance for the second year in a row. Her time was 2:54.50. She was followed by Irina Biziaeva (+6.45) and Lilian Jõesaar (+8.22).

The victory of the half marathon went to Ibrahim Mukunga (KEN) with the time 1:05.58. The second was Karel Hussar (+2.21), the third Juri Kovaljov (+2.58).

Karel Hussar was the winner of Estonian half marathon championships with a time of 1:08.19. Juri Kovaljov (+00.37) won the silver medal and Dmitri Aristov got the third place (+1.12).

The fastest woman of Estonian half marathon championships was Liina Luik 1:16.48. Second place went to Laura Maasik (+1.51) and third place to Marion Tibar (+3.20).

Tiidrek Nurme 29:11 was the first one to cross the finish line in 10 km distance and Jekaterina Patjuk 35:24 was the fastest woman.

According to preliminary data, 2347 people registered for the main distances of the 9th Tartu City Marathon (550 for the marathon distance, 810 for the half marathon and 987 people for the 10 km distance). If we add Friday Night Run event 1144 and Wednesday's children's event 903, the total number of participants in the Tartu City Marathon events will be 4394.

Tartu City Marathon was also the last competition in the 2020 season of the Tartu Marathon Cube, which consists of five competitions.