Statistics – This year 20 000 sports fans took part in the events of Tartu Marathon


Photo of 2020. Tartu City Marathon. Author: Tarmo Haud.

This year was different than the others, but Tartu Marathon events ended like usually with Tartu City Marathon. According to preliminary data 20 000 people participated in hiking-, running-, inline skating-, and cycling events.

As in the beginning of the year it was impossible to organize real events for a certain period of time, organizers had to adapt to the situation and organize virtual events. Therefore, it’s appropriate to talk separately about real and virtual events and the number of participants.

Events that really happened – 10 873 participants

Due to the lack of snow Tartu Marathon couldn’t happen the way it’s used to. On the February 16th there was a hike from Tartu to Kääriku. People could choose between two distances: 27 and 17 km and a total of 1013 people took part in it. As the Tartu Marathon anniversary hike doesn’t belong to the Tartu Marathon Cube series, the Cube season started with the 38. Tartu Forest Marathon, which took place virtually on May 10.

The next event that really happened was the 14. Tartu Inline Skating Marathon on 23rd of August. Reinis Znotins (LAT) and Kristiine Kalev were the 42 km distance winners. A total of 581 people took part in the main races (42, 21 and 10 km) and 304 children participated in children’s races.

Events of the Tartu MTB Marathon started on September 13th with the Relay Marathon and official training with 400 cyclists. On September 20th was the Tartu MTB Marathon – there were 3212 cyclists on the track at the main distances (89, 40 and 21 km). Alo Jakin, a former professional cyclist, won for the first time and Janelle Uibokand was the fastest woman. Children’s races brought together 934 young riders.

As usual, the season of Tartu Marathon Cube culminated with the 9. Tartu City Marathon. This year, the children's races took place on Wednesday, and despite the changes, 950 children came to the run. The weekend program started on Friday with an entertaining Friday Night Run. 1144 people enjoyed the Púr Múdd concert and the 4 km running track. 2335 people took part in the main distances (42, 21 and 10 km). The winner of the 42 km distance was Raido Mitt and the fastest woman was Kadiliis Kuiv. The Estonian marathon champions of the half marathon were also found out at the Tartu City Marathon: Karel Hussar and Liina Luik.

Virtual events – 9 127 participants

38. Tartu Forest Marathon took place at a time when sports and mass events were banned, so it happened virtually. People could do the virtual run between 1.-17. May and there were four main distances (42, 21, 10 and 5 km). Together there were 3028 runners and walkers and 911 children. 

The 39. Tartu Road Race also took place virtually. People were able to ride  three distances (128, 58 and 25 km) between May 29th to June 14th. Together there were 2861 riders.

Although the main races of the 14. Tartu Inline Skating Marathon took place on August 23rd, everyone had the opportunity to take part in the virtual marathon on 13.-30. August and 372 people decided to do the virtual race.

Those who wanted to take part in the 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon virtually could do it from 10.-27. September. 587 adults and 457 children chose the virtual ride.

The 9. Tartu City Marathon also happened both really and virtually. People who wanted to run virtually had the option from 24th of September until 11th of October. 505 adult and 406 young runners participated virtually.

The Tartu Marathon Cube series usually includes six events: Tartu Marathon, Tartu Forest Marathon, Tartu Road Race, Tartu Inline Skating Marathon, Tartu MTB Marathon and Tartu City Marathon. This year is different from the others and there is no score in the Cube series, but those who have participated in four or five events will get a small gift, a diploma and a medal.

The new Cube season starts on February 14th with the events of the 47. Tartu Marathon. One week later, the main races will take place on the classic route between Otepää and Elva.