Let's talk about numbers – 23. Tartu MTB Marathon


Photo by Ardo Säks

The sunny autumn weather and fast track allowed cyclists to ride this year’s Tartu MTB Marathon much faster than last year. Let's take a look at the statistics of Estonia's largest sports event in today's difficult circumstances:

  • According to preliminary data, 3212 cyclists registered for the main day distances of Tartu MTB Marathon (5154 last year). If we add the numbers of the official training (310), marathon relay (123) and children's events (900), we get the number of people, who have all registered to the 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon events (4545).
  • People who were registered to Sunday’s races. 89 km: 1714, 40 km: 1228, 21 km: 270. All together 3212 people.
  • People who finished Sunday’s races. 89 km: 1491, 40 km: 1122, 21 km: 242. The total number is 2855.
  • Finishers – 2381 were men and 474 were women.
  • Average age by distance: 89 km: 42, 40 km: 39, 21 km: 27.
  • The youngest finisher was 6 years old and the oldest was 79 years old.
  • 407 people finished their first Tartu MTB Marathon. People who have been to Tartu MTB Marathon five or more times – 1563.
  • 52 people have been to all 23 Tartu MTB Marathons.
  • In the finish line of 23. Tartu MTB Marathon, the best men out of five was the former pro cyclist Alo Jakin. Second place went to Latvian Maris Bogdanovics and third place went to the Tartu MTB Marathon 2015 winner Peeter Tarvis. Fastest woman was Janelle Uibokand. It was her third won at the Tartu MTB Marathon. Uibokand was more than seven minutes ahead of Greete Steinburg (+7.14) and Ernesta Tubyte (LTU) (+7.15).
  • The last person who crossed the finish line did it with 6 hours 59 minutes and 22 seconds. In comparison, in last year's difficult track conditions, the last finisher did it with 9 hours 11 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • Number of visits to the medical service: 25. Also 2 people had to be hospitalized.
  • More than 600 people helped to organize the Tartu MTB Marathon on Sunday.
  • The 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon can also be done virtually. 513 adults and 386 children have already done the virtual ride. All together 899 people.

The virtual race period of Tartu MTB Marathon has been extended! Everyone who haven’t taken part in the 23rd Tartu MTB Marathon can ride the 89, 40 or 21 km distance at a convenient time and place until Sunday, September 27th.