14. Tartu Inline Skating Marathon will be held in accordance with the virus prevention


Photo by Adam Illingworth.

The organizers of Tartu Inline Skating Marathon have made several changes to make sure that the event is safe for all attendees. Those, who don’t want to or can’t participate on the original race day, can take part in the virtual ride.

„Today our main goal is to make sure that the event is safe for the participants, organizers and the team of volunteers,“ says Indrek Kelk, the Race Director of Tartu Inline Skating Marathon. He adds that most importantly we follow the rules and recommendations that have been stated by the Government and the Health Board of Estonia.

Organizers also monitor the current situation in the country and make changes to minimize the risk of coronavirus. „We have separated mass-start times so that there won’t be so many people in the same place at the same time. Also we insure that people have access to hand sanitizers, hand washing facilities and that organizers, who have to have a contact with a lot of people, have protective equipment,“ he explains.

Kelk says that in addition to the changes that have been planned by the organizers, participants have to do their part too. „In our communication we emphazise that people should keep an eye on their health, they shouldn’t come if they are feeling signs of illness and if possible, come to the event alone,“ adds Kelk.

If the participant doesn’t want or can’t come to the main event on the 23rd of August, he/she has the opportunity to take part of the virtual race, which takes place from 13th of August until 23rd of August 2020. Organizers also strongly recommend virtual race for people, who are in a risk group, such as people aged 65 and over and those who with chronic illnesses.

More information about Tartu Inline Skating Marathon can be found HERE.