Tartu Inline Skating Marathon to take place as planned


Photo: Kiur Kaasik

Tartu Inline Skating Marathon brings approximately 1000 skating fans to South-Estonia in the end of August every year. Based on the maximum number of participants set by the Estonian Government for the events to be held in August 2020, the organizers plan to carry out the skating festival according to the initial program.

The 14th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd. During the last years, the total number of participants, including the three main distances as well as races for children, has been between 1000 and 1500 skaters. Estonian Government has stated, that the participant limit for the events to be held in July and August is 1000. “Today we see that planning the schedule and starting times, it is possible to follow the requirements and carry out the marathon in the way, which is safe for the participants, organizers and volunteer team,” says Indrek Kelk, the Race Director of Tartu Inline Skating Marathon.

In addition to complying with the limit of 1000 participants, other changes are also planned. "We are currently working on introducing changes in various areas, that would help to minimize the risk of infection. This includes, for example, the availability of disinfectants, ensuring safety in drinking points, and primary safety equipment for volunteers who have a contact with a large number of participants,” explains Kelk. "In our communication we also keep on reminding the importance to follow the basic everyday rules, in order to emphasize the contribution of each person involved in the event to staying healthy," he adds.

Tartu Inline Skating Marathon has three main distances: 42, 21 and 10 km. In addition there are also races for children included. The initial program of the marathon day can be found HERE, track schemas HERE.

The inline skating marathon is also the third stage of the ongoing Tartu Marathon Cube series. This season was opened in May by the virtual events: 38th Tartu Forest Marathon virtual run and the 39th Tartu Rattaralli virtual race.

Organizers will provide more detailed information on their channels as soon as possible.