Tartu Maraton celebrates its 60th birthday, this year’s marathon exactly one month away


Tartu Maraton 2019. Photo: Adam Illingworth

On the 16th of January 1960, the first Tartu-Kääriku ski-hike took place which was the start of the legendary Tartu Maraton. Also, this year’s marathon is exactly one month away.

Currently there is no snow in Estonia. As of now, around 3000 skiing enthusiasts have registered for the marathon’s main races (63 and 31 km). In the light of a poor skiing-winter in Estonia, the organizers are a little worried, but at the same time it is too early to panic. Previous winters have shown that the situation can change very quickly and sometimes unpredictably.

“It will take some time until final decisions are made. Final decisions on whether, on which tracks and how the marathon will eventually take place are likely to be made during the first days of the marathon week. But if the conditions were to be good and stable and there is enough natural snow, then obviously sooner. Looking at the weather forecasts, then soon we hope to start with making artificial snow to at least ensure option C,” said Race Director Indrek Kelk.

There are currently three options to organize Tartu Maraton:

A) There is enough natural snow, the marathon takes place on the classic 63 km course;

B) The marathon is mainly skied on natural snow and on the original course, but in abbreviated form;

C) Tartu Marathon will be held on artificial snow around Tehvandi.

Exactly one week before the Tartu Marathon, on the 9th of February, open track races and Tartu Relay Marathon are planned, following the main day route. For that weekend, the organizers will try their best to communicate final decisions to the public by the first days of February at the latest.

The day before the main races, on the 15th of Februrary the children’s events (TILLUrace and MINImarathon) (should) take place in Tähtvere Sports Park, Tartu.