Close to 7500 participants in the 19th Tartu Rattamaraton


7408 cyclists took part in the third biggest MTB marathon in the world 19th Tartu Rattamaraton this year. It was one of the safest Tartu Rattamaraton’s in the history of the event.

„The course was fast and usually fast course also means more crashes. But our medical stuff has said that the competiton was safe and that we had very few injuries, fewer than ever before, actually“ said race director Indrek Kelk. „It means that we have managed to make the course safe for everyone and that also those participants who tend to cause crashes with their unwary behavior on the course are coming to their senses“.

The main race was dominated by Latvian pro cyclists. Andzs Flaksis took the win ahead of Arnis Petersons and Martins Blums (also from Latvia). Best female rider was also from Latvia – Lelde Ardava.

Total of 4429 finished the main races yesterday. Together with childrens races (2556 participants) and 1st Tartu MTB Marathon Relay and open training which took place a week ago (423 riders) a total of 7408 took part in the 19th Tartu Rattamaraton program.

Next and also the last event this season will be the 5th Tartu City Marathon on the 1st of October.

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