The fifth stage of children’s sports series brought together 2500 children


Today, the 19th Tartu Rattamaraton’s children event took place in Tartu, Tähtvere Sports Park with 2556 bikers on the course. The event was the fifth stage of children’s sports series called ‘Tartu Maraton Mini Cube’.

In TILLUraces, for children up to 8 years old and with 400, 700 meters and 1 kilometer long courses, 1800 children participated. In MINImarathon, with 5.1 kilometer long track, 756 young bikers took part. The courses ran in Tähtvere Sports Park and dendropark.

“Most probably next year, we are able to provide a bit different courses for the children as there are many developments planned in the area,” said Marti Viilu, the member of the board of Tähtvere Sports Park. “Already this year, we made an update in the course and children on the 5.1 kilometer course could enjoy a forest road instead of a narrow bridge near the river.”

“Tartu Maraton children’s races have traditionally taken place in our sports park and it will definitely remain like that in the future,” added Viilu. “We are very glad to see so many people here and hopefully, they will find their way to do sports in our complex more often.”

The next and the final stage of the children’s sports series takes place on October 1st when the 5th Tartu City Marathon events take place. Children will complete the series if they have finished at leat four events out of six during the season. In addition, Tartu Maraton skiing, Tartu Jooksumaraton running, Tartu Rattarali cycling and Tartu Rullusumaraton inline skating events are included in the series.

Tomorrow, on September 18th, the 19th Tartu Rattamaraton’s main distances will be held - 89 and 40 kilometers on mountain bikes from Otepää to Elva.

Photo: Tarmo Haud